By: L.N. Reklai

July 14, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Attorney General filed to dismiss a case it filed against Inis Remoket for the alleged murder of his estranged wife in 2016.

Ten months after the first disappearance of Jaycee Ochob Iyar and four months after the charges of Murder in the Second Degree were filed against her husband Inis Remoket, government filed to dismiss the case against Remoket due to case not being able to withstand the test of reasonable doubt.

Government stated that though it had probable cause to file charges of Murder in the Second Degree, upon detail review of evidence against the test of reasonable doubt, it believed the case it had was not strong enough and moved to dismiss the case without prejudice.

This means that the charges can be filed again.  There is no statute of limitation for murder, and should any other evidence arise, government can file the charges again.

Inis Remoket walks out a free man and Jaycee Ochob Iyar remains a cold case until new information comes up to would explain her disappearance.