Through Australian Volunteers, the Office of the Vice President/ Ministry of Justice was successful in receiving USD6,500 under the “Impact Fund: Gender Equality 2023” program. Access to the Impact Fund is associated with the work of Australian volunteer legal advisor, Dr Petra Mahy who is currently working within the Office of the Vice President/ Ministry of Justice.

The grant will support the Ministry of Justice in the distribution and training of new Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the policing of gender-based violence. The SOP’s will provide guidelines to local law enforcement which will complement existing laws under the Family Protection Act. Additionally, the grant will be used to produce new public information materials to guide and give confidence to survivors of domestic violence when seeking assistance from police.

The Australian Embassy remains committed to supporting Palau’s efforts to address domestic violence and contribute to building safer and more resilient communities.

For more information, please contact the Australian Embassy, Palau on 488-4628 or .

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