By Francis Talasasa Reporter

A recent arrest which netted 18 pounds of the drug ice was a concern at the Guam Police department.

Police Chief Joseph Cruz says he does not consider the situation out of control, but authorities wanted to make sure they deal with the matter before it can even begin to get out of hand.


Kuam News reports Chief Cruz, who has just returned from a Police chief conference, where the ice problem in various jurisdictions was a hot topic, said the November 17 seizure of crystal ice methane with a street value of more than 4 million got their attention.

“We really need to step forward and aggressively pursue this”, he said.

On the scale of 1 to 10, he rated Guam’s drug problem at only about 4 or 5. He firmly stated that law enforcement is better equipped to deal with the issue but in developing the entire drug strategy, authorities have been looking at a program like the war on ice which was successful in the 1990’s when crystal meth was a much bigger problem.

“Guam plans to step up against drug issues”, he says.

Chief Cruz has just come back from a Police Chiefs conference where the ice problem in various jurisdictions was a hot topic.

“We are looking at what has been done in the past and were looking at what is happening in the communities in 2016 and we are introducing new strategies”, “most of that, we want to get the community involved so there is a lot of outreach going on”.

70% of crimes against persons and property can be attributed to drugs and alcohol abuses.

Guam Police is conducting aggressive outreach with a support for the community-oriented policing program. They hope they will be convincing residents to get more involve with catching criminals where they live.

“Getting in front of the problem before and developing a solution before it really becomes a problem, is the task”, says Police Chief Cruz. [/restrict]