By Francis Talasasa , Reporter

Minister of Health Gregory Ngirmang expressed his appreciation to the staff of the national hospital for their hard work to improve the health of the people for this nation in his Thanksgiving Day message.

In a statement from the MOH Pulse publication he said in the last four years working alongside with his staff, he has gained much knowledge and appreciation for the important work of the Ministry.  

[restrict] He said the change, in reality, is always a challenge to most of us but his team has shown much support and acceptance in the administration and together have achieved so much and the outcome of work has significantly improved the organization and its services.

Each of the medical staff has represented an important role in the journey to uphold the mission and vision of healthier communities with access to comprehensive care services and many of whom have gone above and beyond to contribute toward accomplishments.

Minister Ngirmang wished all the medical workers and their loved ones a very special Thanksgiving with all the many deserved blessings to continue to work hard to improve the health of the people.

“As for the public, I would encourage you to choose a healthier lifestyle and make healthier choices so that you may live long and prosperous lives”, he said.

He concluded by dedicating the day to those who have retired from service and in remembrance for those who have passed on.      [/restrict]