Ministry of Education, Minister Dale, Directors and Chiefs updating the progress of new policies on public schools.

The improved students’ IOWA test scores are directly related to the new school policies implemented in the last two years, according to Minister Dale Jenkins of the Ministry of Education.

Results of IOWA Test scores from the last two years show significant improvement in students’ performances compared to previous years, when IOWA Tests were first administered in Palau, revealed the Ministry of Education during the Ministerial Hour held last Wednesday, 20th of September.

New school policies said to be responsible for student improvement include the new Year-Round School Calendar, the new public school kindergarten program, and the Accelerated Reading Program, among others.

“Reading is the basis of all subjects, not just reading.  If a student cannot read, he cannot understand another course.  Students come in reading 2 grades below, which is unacceptable, ” said Minister Jenkins.

Programs such as accelerated reading, designed to meet students’ individual reading levels and uplift them to read more, help them accelerate their reading skills.

In addition, the Year-Round Calendar gives the school and the students time and opportunity to improve their learning and catch up through different programs offered by the school, reported the Ministry of Education.

The new kindergarten program, said Minister Dale, provides students with a robust and exciting program to prepare them properly for school.  “The results of their program cannot be seen now, but they will in the near future,” he added.

In addition to the new school policies, School of Curriculum and Instruction Director McCullen said that their data-based decision-making process enables them to identify and deliver solutions needed in the classroom.

“Our programs begin with data and end with data,” said Director McCullen.  Based on the results of the data, the Ministry of Education can develop programs or make decisions to meet individual or group needs.

Divisions under the Ministry of Education all work together to support and enhance students learning. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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