December 28, 2017 (Koror, Palau) “Beginning of this year, we focused on improving the Bureau of Public Safety and I believe we have accomplished that,” stated Vice President/Minister of Justice Raynold Oilouch.

“Now our focus is to improve our Division of Labor this coming year,” added the Vice President Oilouch. 


Earlier in the year, Vice President Oilouch commissioned a study of two divisions within his ministry, divisions of Labor and Immigration.  The study provided assessments and recommendations on improving the two divisions.

Division of Immigration now has a Director and has hired additional staffs to improve their services.  They have also acquired new responsibility of processing and refunding PPEF refunds to eligible travelers at the airport.

“We have recently hired Ms. Portia Franz to oversee the implementation of improvements at the Division of Labor.  Initially, she is undertaking a complete review of the Division, and will be making report of what is needed in order to improve the services in that division,” stated Vice President Oilouch.

Some of the areas of work to be reviewed include regulations, contract forms, and processes within the Division.  “We want to make sure that public is satisfied with the services and that there will be no more allegations of corruption.  This is one of those issues mentioned under the Trafficking of Persons Report that placed Palau on Tier 2 rating,” he added.

Ministry of Justice has recently opened an office on Trafficking of Persons to work with Labor Division, Office of the Attorney General and NEA to address issues raised on the TIP report. [/restrict]