The Island Times newspaper is the leading in the Republic of Palau (Pacific Islands Region), published twice a week. We focus on original, public-interest reporting that is deeply in touch with the community we serve. To expand our team, we are looking to hire a paid full-time news and politics reporter to join our small team here in Koror City.

The successful applicant should possess the following skills:

– Produce self-motivated, independent coverage on all subjects including including politics, crime, business and sports.

– Attend and cover proceedings of the Palauan Senate and House of Delegates, as well as of the Supreme Court and in some cases the Court of Common Pleas.

– Produce investigations focusing on local politics, foreign affairs, corruption and crime

– Ability to assist with InDesign page layout and graphics would be a huge advantage.

Requirements for successful applicants:

– An academic degree is not required. We are interested in your passion for journalism, not your grades. Passion for compellingly investigative, original journalism is the most important requirement for this position.

– Either prior journalistic experience (track record of published articles on blogs, websites, in local or national newspapers or specialist outlets) or prior journalistic training is extremely important

– Essential: Either the ability to drive a vehicle in poor and unpaved road conditions – or alternatively – ability to ride a bicycle in off-road or hazardous traffic conditions.

– Ability to cope with living in a small, remote but pristine, tropical and beautiful Pacific Islands nation. The city of Koror, where our newspaper is based, has a population of roughly ten-thousand, many of whom wear flip-flops everyday. Please note you will not find the kind of party and social opportunities here that you may find in a large city like London, Manchester or even Bolton. Palau has a hot, humid tropical climate all year around.

– Willingness and fitness to travel on passenger boats and speedboats would be very useful, as these are the only form of transport available for getting to the outer Islands, such as Peleliu, Sonsorol, Angaur ect.

– Speaking the Palauan language is not a requirement, as English is universally understood and frequently spoken in Palau. However, a willingness to learn the language would be an advantage.

Journalists at the Island Times are normally free to choose their own stories, and interview schedules within reason and within the constraints of major events and of producing a full newspaper twice a week. There is a high level of independence, and flexibility about work routines.

The normal work-day runs from 8.00-5.30, with a lunch break, Monday– Friday. On deadline days (twice a week), journalists normally have to be in the office until 11pm, or, in rarer cases, until 1.45am if there is last-minute breaking news that happens late in the day/evening. If work runs until such a time on a deadline day, journalists may compensate for this by coming into to work later on the following day, normally at 11.30am. Weekends are free. 2 weeks paid holidays per year are provided.

The successfull applicant will be paid $US 1100 p/m (net pay) and will also be provided with free accomodation (own room in shared house) in line with local standards. Health Insurance is provided. Depending on prior experience, there is a potential for a somewhat higher salary to be negotiated. Airtickets to and from the successful applicant’s country of residence to Palau International Airport on Babelthuap Island will also be provided free of charge. The successful applicant will be required to fulfill the legal requirements for the issuing of a Republic of Palau work permit. Failure to fulfill these conditions will result in the job offer being cancelled.

This position fully complies with Republic of Palau Labor & Minimum Wage legislation and offers equal opportunities to all applicants. Applicants of all backgrounds, religions and nationalities are fully encouraged to apply.

Applicants should send a list of previously published articles or stories, a CV and a statement about whether they feel they can handle living in Koror to the Island Times via email:

Apply before the 28th of August, 1pm Palau time (check the time difference).