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The staff of Division of Maritime Security and Fish and Wildlife Protection(DMSFWP), Bureau of Public Safety(BPS) including the crew members of patrol vessel PSS KEDAM underwent intensive training to improve their maritime safety capacities from May 23 to 27, 2022. The training was conducted by the Japan Coast Guard Mobile Cooperation Team (MCT)(Cdr MATSUO Hideaki, Lcdr FURUGAKI Hiroyuki, Lcdr HOSODA Akinori), in cooperation with Japanese Coast Guard advisor (Lcdr KINOSHITA Manabu).

The content of the training included emergency rescue techniques such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation and injured transportation methods, assuming rescue of the injured onboard and remote islands.

This training was conducted with the support of The Nippon Foundation and The Sasakawa Peace Foundation.

On May 26, Chargés d’Affaires ad interim of Republic of Palau HAGIWARA Mayu, Vice President/Minister of Justice J. Uduch Sengebau Senior, National Security Coordinator Jennifer Anson, Director of BPS Ismael Aguon, Chief of DMSFWP Temdik Ngirblekuu, Australian Advisor Lcdr Neil Krauklis and U.S. Advisor Carlos Ojeda inspected the training, which reaffirmed the importance of cooperation between Japan, The Nippon Foundation, Australia, the United States of America and Palau in the field of maritime security and safety in Palau.

Vice President J. Uduch Sengebau Senior speaking at the training said, ” Great training with the great equipment. This is essential for Palau’s maritime safety.” She expressed her deep gratitude to The Nippon Foundation and The Sasakawa Peace Foundation for continuously supporting the strengthening of Palau’s maritime security and safety capabilities, and the Japan Coast Guard for conducting practical training, and emphasized achievement of this training.

Since 2012, The Nippon Foundation has provided DMSFWP with the Administrative Building, Berth, 6 patrol vessel and boats, and been supporting costs for operating patrol vessels such as fuel, satellite communications, maintenance cost, and dispatching coast guard advisor, and The Sasakawa Peace Foundation has been supporting training and salary.

In this training, rescue equipment was provided to DMSFWP, and the Japan Coast Guard MCT was dispatched for training with the support of the both foundations.

In addition, with the support of The Nippon Foundation, Japanese Coast Guard advisor dispatched to Palau works in cooperation with Australian and U.S. advisors to support the improvement of Palau’s maritime security and safety capacities.

Japanese advisor cooperated closely and coordinated the division of roles between Japan, Australia and the U.S.A.. Japanese Advisor will continue to cooperate with Australia and the U.S.A. and the Japan Coast Guard MCT to promote the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific”, and focus more energy on improving Palau’s maritime security and safety capacities.

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