Along with about 15 young men of the village showing up at the Illebei Marina for the scheduled work on the morning of May 28th, 15 young men and women from the 28th Police Academy volunteered in helping with the restoration of the walk-way project in Choll village that basically resulted in completion of a huge part of the project.

            Amidst the heavy downpour that the morning drenching the village mercilessly, the project activity work remained on track. Down at the marina, the young men with a couple of young women were already at work moving the stones extracted from the quarry to the end of the pier. With the tide moving out, the volunteers were hustling to stack the stones on both sides of the stone walk-way in anticipation toward the next phase of the activity of excavating the mud from the water channel.

Request to the 28th Academy for support was done so not only to assist in the restoration but also in support of the cadets in fund-raising in anticipation to their graduation. Of the fifteen volunteers, 11 were young men with 4 young women and the show of strength carrying the huge boulders from the pile to the designated part of the walk-way for stacking was incredible.

            The water channel excavation is also part of the project to dig the canal at least deep enough for large sea craft to glide through from the sea to the pier. The activity is done as much as possible by men-power alone. Accordingly, once heavy equipment are utilized then permits will be required to continue the work.

The tide was at its lowest and at around 10:30am, half of the volunteers jumped into the muddy channel to start digging and hauling buckets back and forth. Pails and bags were filled with dug-up mangrove mud and transferred hand-to-hand to the next volunteer in-line carried up to the stone walk-way to dump at the center piling it up.

The work was non-stop from 8:30am to 12noon for a one-hour lunch and again tackling the project to 3:00pm. NGIRAMEKETII said a few words of encouragement before the community activity commenced that morning. With both groups’ (28th Academy and Choll young men) energetic power, the village leaders on site remarked that there is a chance the project can meet its deadline as scheduled.

At the end of the day, the village leadership thanked the volunteers and made a monetary donation to the 28th Academy handed by Mr. Salvador Remoket who said it is not much but hopefully will assist in their future pursuit.

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