On July 26, 2021, a ceremony was held at Belau National Hospital to hand over medical equipment, including defibrillators, ICU beds, and electrocardiographs worth 383,000 USD through the Japan’s Grant Aid project. The ceremony was attended by President Whipps, Ambassador Karasawa, and officials from Ministry of Health.

The equipment handed over this time was procured as part of the Japan’s Grant Aid “Economic and Social Development Programme” for FY2020, in total 2.7 million USD. The main purpose of this grant is to improve the level of medical care and resilience to the COVID-19. More medical equipment including a CT scanner will arrive in Palau by the end of FY2022.

At the handover ceremony, President Whipps stated, “We were waiting for this event. These items are very important to keep our people safe and healthy. We look forward to building capacity with assistance from Japan, which has a special relationship with us.” and expressed his deep gratitude to the People and the Government of Japan. Ambassador Karasawa stated, “Japan is currently providing intensive supports to Palau in medical and health areas amid the COVID-19 crisis. Today’s handover is the first step and we hope these products are utilized for a long period of time to improve Palau’s medical standards for all people in Palau.”

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