On 1 September, the Embassy of Japan brought a unique, powerful sound of Japan to Peleliu with a high-profile Japanese taiko drummer, Ms. Akemi Jige.

The Embassy of Japan was delighted to hold a Japanese taiko demonstration at Peleliu Elementary School in partnership with the Japanese taiko drumming group named “Hono-o-Daiko”. This unique opportunity featured Ms. Akemi Jige, who is the leader of the group dating from 1986. She loves to share her passion for this traditional instrument through a variety of events all over the world. On this special occasion, Ms. Jige visited the school to give a short, fun introduction to Japanese taiko to Palauan children.


Our taiko performer’s stunning solo infused energy and excitement into the whole school and engagement from the students was high. Ms. Jige fascinated the children with her graceful yet powerful playing styles and traditional rhythms specially evolved in the Hokuriku region (the Northwestern part of the main island of Japan). A 15-minure performance was a truly intimate experience which generated a bond between the performer and the audience. We appreciate the attention of and the interest we received from the students of Peleliu Elementary School for making this event greatly successful.

The Embassy of Japan looks forward to many more opportunities to bring Japanese arts and culture to the Palauan community through a range of events and school workshops. [/restrict]