As campaign signs continue to line the roads of Babeldaob, the Airai Evangelical Church has taken the opportunity to put up a banner of its own. The new posters which appeared in Airai promote the Jesus film voiced in Palauan, which will be shown at Ked Center in Airai on Friday, July 17 at 6:30 pm.

“We will get the chance to see Jesus . . . as well as Peter, James, John, and all the disciples speak in a language we are all so familiar with,” said Pastor Dwight G. Alexander of the Airai Evangelical Church.

The film, which centers on the Gospel of Luke, has already been viewed in Ngarchelong, Ngaraard, Ngardmau, and Ngeremlengui. Now that it has reached Airai, Pastor Alexander has stressed that everyone is invited. Food and drink will be provided, but visitors are free to bring their own.

“With all the anxieties and fear going on with the COVID 19 pandemic in the world . . . the people of Airai will have the opportunity to see what kind of love Jesus has for us,” Pastor Alexander said. “It is our way of bringing some assurance, comfort, and peace to all who live in Airai in this difficult time.” 

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