“Aquatics Inspired!”

On the heels of a successful Belau Games swimming competition, Palau Swimming Association invites the public to join the annual World Aquatics Day celebration this Saturday (June 26th). The day will be observed at the Palau Open Water competition and Leg Three of the 2021 Open Water Grand Prix hosted by Palau Pacific Resort.

The competition consists of four distances – 5-kilometer, 1500-meter, 500-meters, and to ensure no one is left behind, a special 250-meter shallow water swim just for kids (beginner level swimmers).

The 5-kilometer swim will get under way at 7 AM (registration from 6:00-6:45 AM); the swim will start from the beach and loop out around Ngermekediu Island. The shorter swims will get underway at 9 AM (registration between 6:30 and 8:30 AM) and will follow a rectangular course within the PPR lagoon.

A beach lunch and awards ceremony for the Grand Prix finalists will follow the swim. To offset costs, a fee of $15 is charged for swimmers in the 500 meter and longer swims. The fee for the Kids 250-meter swim is $10.

World Aquatics Day celebrates physical activity in the water. The day was launched in 2016 by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) to encourage people worldwide to take part in water-based exercise of all types. In Palau, Palau Swimming Association actively promotes swimming, open water, water polo, artistic swimming, and water aerobics. For more information, visit the Palau Swimming Facebook page or stop at the pool to talk with the coaches there.

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