By: L.N. Reklai

October 12, 2017 (Koror,Palau) Kayangel State was awarded $396,609 to obtain a desalination plant from United States Rural Utilities Services to improve its water system as well as provide good water during droughts and mitigate impact of climate change in their water source according to Governor Midas Ngiracheluolu of Kayangel State. [/restrict]

Governor Ngiracheluolu was in Guam last week to sign the agreement with US RUS office.

“We have a well-constructed water tank now but in times of drought, when the water table drops and water becomes salty, this system can purify the water before its pumped into the tank and distributed to the community,” reported Governor Ngiracheluolu.

Kayangel State, an atoll island, suffers greatly during droughts when their water source turns brackish due to low rain fall.  During the Super Typhoon Haiyan, its water source was flooded by salt water and its water tower damaged.

A grant was obtained to build a water tank with water pump system.  The desalination plant will enhance and support the water system, providing a more resilient system that can help the community combat the effects of climate change. [/restrict]