Kendall Titimel, a.k.a Kendall T., one of Palau’s singers, will be featured in the #pacificunite Concert, which will bring the Pacific together in these tough times of COVID-19. It will be the first concert of its kind, thanks to the United Nations Pacific.
United Nations Pacific, through Sharon Sakuma, told Kendall about the event UN Pacific was putting together and asked if he was interested.
The UN had their production company provide the criteria and specifications for the introduction video, informing the artists they had a two and a half minute time slot. With a theme they just had to submit and give touch-ups and edits so all the videos could come together, said Kendall.
To be different from the rest of the showcased artists Kendall said, “I would try to be representative of Palau as much as I could be. I chose my song Dodersii Belau because of the message of uniting our small island of Palau and I feel it applies to our many Pacific islands that seem like tiny dots across an extension of water. In this global scale we might not seem as strong as we are because we are a lot of small countries. The Pacific is doing very well with coping and using our available resources in our fight against COVID.”
While doing his video, Kendall had little time to think and put it together after being informed on a Monday and submitting by Friday, while working with people on the quarantine situation.
He thanked his friends for helping him prepare for the concert.
“I was contacted by Fiji on a Monday and they asked if I could do it by Friday. Behavioral health council had a work retreat coming up to Carp so I asked them if I could take some time there to work on the video and told them what it was for, which they very much supported,” said the young musician.
“Working at the Behavioral Health Counsel and being a musician has helped a lot when working with people, because it moves out from being a complete stranger to them. Seeing and hearing about others puts me in their shoes, which does help when being a songwriter and when writing more besides just me.”

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