The Bureau of Public Health Information Resource Center Communicable Disease Unit conducted a free health screening around 5pm, August 12, performing surveys and testing patients with their new supply of testing kits for aids, Tuberculosis, and gonorrhea.
What was different from the first health screening they conducted is a greater variety of questions asked and answer-options on their surveys, options such as being transgender and whether it’s a switch from man to woman or woman to man, along with the option of being attracted to both genders (bisexual).
They also did the screening a little later to accommodate those who work or are just not free earlier than 5pm. Many of the people who were seen there were foreigners. The last time the test was conducted, it ended at 10pm.
They also conducted tests and had the CAT Team doctor there speak to the people, checking to see if they have any medical questions, or they want advice and for some cases be prescribed medicine from the doctors. It was a success, and more screening will be done in the near future.

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