Director Jennifer Olgeriil of Koror State Coastal Management and Law Enforcement Division informed the public about the coastal cleanup collaborated by Koror State and National government during the press conference on December 19.

A complete coastal cleanup around Koror State is happening today, a joint effort between Koror State government and national government. The event has been discussed and planned between Koror State and national for few months now with plans to do the initial cleanup before the holidays.

“We call this preliminary coastal cleanup because we expect it to continue,” stated Director Jennifer Olgeriil of Koror State Coastal Management and Law Enforcement Division.

The event is two pronged, with groups focused at specific areas of Koror such as Ngesaol, Ngerchemai (taoch and keburs), Iyebukl (Taoch ra Iroru), and Ngerbeched (Ngebekuu).  The other groups of five or six boats are divided all around Koror coastal areas from Meyuns to Echang, Madalii to Delui, Hawaiian Rock area to Ngesaol and all causeways.

According to Director Olgeriil, participants include staff from various offices of Koror State government as well as staffs from national government ministries such as MCCA, MPIIC, Health and Education.

In addition, about 100 high school seniors will also be participating and Koror State Solid Waste and Sanitation departments will be working with some of the students at M-Dock to teach as well as segregate the incoming trash collected around Koror coastal areas.

Director Olgeriil further clarified that in addition to this project, Koror State Sanitation department is mobilizing response to the dengue epidemic utilizing the same system they employed during previous dengue epidemics that successfully cut down the dengue epidemic around Koror.

While mobilization work is on-going, Director Olgeriil stated that those in need of urgent attention may contact the Sanitation Department directly at 488-3133. (L.N. Reklai)