Koror State edged ahead in the Belau Games 2023 Medal Tally on Tuesday, July 4, 2023 with 93 total medals, 40 gold, 35 silver and 18 bronze.

Sonsorol is tenaciously holding on to 2nd place with 67 medals, 35 gold, 13 silver and 19 gold followed by Peleliu with 45 medals, 8 gold, 21 silver and 16 bronze.  Hatohobei is in 4th place with 27 medals and Kayangel is 5th with 25 medals.

Wednesday’s Track & Field results will keep Koror in the lead as it dominated in nearly all the events, with 19 and Under category as well.

The top five states this year are from smaller outlying states with exception of Koror State.

The games are half-way through with finals coming up today and tomorrow.  The lineup could still change depending on the performances each state will put in, in this last leg of the event.

Come cheer your team!

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