Eyos Rudimch and Alan T. Marbou , candidates for Office of Governor.
Koror state candidates of the Koror State’s 12th General Election crowding the streets, garnering support from candidates. 48 candidates are vying for 17 seats in the Koror State Legislature.

With its 12th General Election slated for next Tuesday, November 9th, candidates for both Office of Governor and Legislature are outbidding each other to try to win the hearts and minds of 5,000 plus voters. 

Only 48% of the registered voters turned out to vote in the primary election in September and with many candidates running, that number is expected to rise.

46 candidates are running for 17 seats in the legislature while gubernatorial candidates have been narrowed down to the final 2 after the primary election, with Alan T. Marbou and Eyos  Rudimch vying for governor’s seat.

While Koror State is faced with its first major election in 4 years, to elect a new government, it has just received news that its High Chief Ibedul Yutaka Gibbons had passed away while in Taiwan for medical service yesterday.  High Chief Ibedul Yutaka Gibbons is the head of the House of Traditional Leaders (HOTL) of Koror State that serves as an advisor to the Governor of Koror.

Following the announcement of Ibedul’s passing, the State will be in mourning “taor”, and it is expected that a subdued election will take place as a result.

Koror State hosts about 90% of Palau’s population and is the commercial center of the Republic.  As such, it has provided leadership and support to other states.  The change in its government as well as in its traditional leadership can have an impact especially since the country is still experiencing the effects of a global pandemic.

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