By: L.N. Reklai

October 4, 2017 (Koror, Palau) The first event to bring all seven candidates for the Office of Governor of Koror State Government was very informative and revealing exercise for the citizens of Koror State.


The event, organized and hosted by Palau Community College, enabled the candidates to express their thoughts, positions and aspirations for the Office of Governor.

Issues that were of importance to the candidates include the Koror State proposed Reef Road, displaced families, infrastructure improvements and services to youth and elderly.

One issue that most of the candidates, especially those that currently not part of the Koror State Government talk about is how to spend the $24 million dollars Koror State Government have in savings.

Candidate Roman Yano spoke about getting the leadership of Koror State, both elected and traditional leaders on “same page” and using funds to provide services and cutting taxes where necessary.

Candidate Alfonso Diaz said he will use the funds to build reef road, housing for displaced and relocating Bethlehem Park to Long Island.

Candidate Lilly Uludong said she will use funds to construct facility for senior citizens to socialize, assist young people with small loans and improve programs for youth.

Candidate Sam Masang referred to implementing a Master plan of Koror State.

Candidate Harry Fritz said he will increase salary for KSG employees, look for life insurance for them and build a marina to accommodate anticipated increase in tourists.

Candidate Eyos Rudimch said he will work with legislature to develop a budget to service people of Koror State.

Candidate Franco Gibbons said he will work with the legislature to develop a budget including the reserve funds and added that the “strength is not in the budget but the people.”

The questions and answers revealed much about each candidate, their knowledge, their strengths and weaknesses.

The forum was successful in its objective to educate the voters of Koror of their gubernatorial candidates. [/restrict]