With Koror State’s 12th General Election taking place today, a Koror resident and former delegate, Joel Toribiong, had asked Palau Election Commission (PEC) to void voters who registered to vote in Koror within 30 days of the General Election, saying it was “unfair to Koror State voters who followed proper procedures to have their votes compromised by voters who did not.”

Koror State law requires that people registering to vote in Koror meet 180 days residency in Koror before registering.  National law for residency requirement is 30 days.  Mr. Toribiong alleged that PEC allowed people to register that met the 30 residency requirement instead of 180 that is required by Koror State law.

The issue of residency has been raised in courts numerous times.  The question raised by former Koror delegate Joel Toribiong to Palau Election Commission is the difference between the national and state law residency requirements.  As of publication, no response from Palau Election Commission has been received and with election happening today, it is unclear if this issue can be successfully addressed after the fact. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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