Koror State proposed bill 11-51, LD1,GD1, is on its final day before Governor Franco Gibbons for action, whether to sign it into law or veto it.

The bill specifies the run-off election date for the Office of Governor to be held on the fourth Tuesday of September, two (2)months before Koror State General Election in November.

The bill seeks to correct the issue that arose in the last election resulting in a lawsuit challenging the validity of Koror State Law K6-123-2001, and its language mandating the primary or runoff election after the general election.

In 2017, Appellate Court of the Palau Supreme Court invalidated Koror State Law K6-123-2001 which set the date of the run-off election to December, a month after the general election but declared Franco Gibbons, the winner of that December runoff, as governor.

The current bill will remove the conflicting language between Koror Constitution and Koror State law.

Court noted this when it issued its decision in 2017 saying “Had the voters known in November that there could be no run-off election, there is reason to believe that the results of the general election would have been different.”

If this bill becomes law, primary election between the four candidates that have made declarations for governor will take place on the fourth Tuesday of September.  The two highest vote-getters from that election will be on the ballot box in the November Koror State General Election this year

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