Leg 1 of the 2021 Palau Open Water Grand Prix co-sponsored by Palau Swimming Association and Palau Sportfishing Association was swum on Saturday morning under perfect conditions on the Koror Side of the Japan-Palau Friendship Bridge. A total of 39 swimmers participated ranging in age from 6 to 60+. For several, this was their first open water competition and for others, it was a step-up in distance swum with a lot of first time 5-kilometer swimmers in today’s event. 

Congratulations to all swimmers and a huge thank you to Palau Sport Fishing Association for their co-sponsorship, to Koror State Rangers for safety support, and to the many volunteers who provided water safety and shore support.

Leg 2 of the Grand Prix is set for Saturday, June 5 with a 7 AM start from the Meyuns (Skojio) Seaplane Ramp. Register in advance at the pool or the morning of the event between 6 and 6:30 AM. The swim is open to all with distances again of 500 meters, 1500 meters, and 5-kilometers.

Results for men and women in the three races:

Womens 500m
1. Kanan Oya 11:22.5
2. Rebeccah Fagolur 13:45.5
3. Miharu Ruluked 14:15.5

Mens 500m
1. Saku Niro 11:22.5
2. Takahiro Sadamori 11:36.2
3. Kai Umemoto 11:37.2

Womens 1.5K
1. Yeon Soo Choi 27:49.5
2. Sawa Niro 30:13.1
3. Christina Karanassos 31:52.3

Mens 1.5K
1. Alex Ferrier-Loh 31:52.3
2. Zenryu Idip 32:52.4
3. Juan Guatno 34:33.8

Womens 5k
1. Emi Yonezawa 1:25:34.2
2. Yuri Hosei 1:29:26.5
3. Osisang Chilton 1:29:41.3

Mens 5K
1. Jericho Maido 1:19:11.9
2. Travis Sakurai 1:19:48.0
3. Joshua Maido 1:24:42.7


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