PORT MORESBY (POST COURIER) — Lifestyle diseases are on the rise and recently have been responsible for 50 percent of deaths in Papua New Guinea hospitals.

Health Minister Dr Lino Tom said in the past death by infections had a higher rate, however, today the rate of lifestyle diseases in the country has gone up.

He said infectious diseases used to be the leading cause of deaths in our hospitals but now with the rapidly changing lifestyle of our people, lifestyle diseases are actually on the rise.

“Unfortunately, lifestyle diseases target mostly educated working class people and we are losing a lot of them today leading to this brain drain from deaths,” he said.

“Some of us in this office will succumb to these diseases in the near future as we are in the risk category and we may not have enough money to seek specialised care overseas.

That is why it is important to build facilities in the country to cater for our own needs.”

Dr Tom said lifestyle diseases are taking lives of a lot of very young and productive Papua New Guineans and the four leading causes of deaths now from lifestyle diseases are cancer, heart disease, stroke and kidney disease.

“We thank the Marape-Rosso Government for investing in heath facilities to provide essential services that would have been only accessible to upper class or well-to-do people who have the means to travel overseas.

By today our doctors, would have done with the help of Vietnamese doctors, more than a 1000 cases, and saving this nation more than K100 million,” he said.

“Our cancer centre will be complete by the end of next year 2023, with all forms or modes of treatment available to give hope to our people,” he said…. PACNEWS

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