Photo from RNZ

The president-elect of the Marshall Islands has indicated he expects his upcoming four year term will be a challenging one.

David Kabua, a veteran politician and son of founding president Amata Kabua, was elected president on Monday by Parliament 20 votes to 12 with one abstention.

Kabua has previously held the health and internal affairs ministerial portfolios.

Radio New Zealand Pacific correspondent in Majuro, Giff Johnson said the new President wasted no time in indicating his priorities.

“Climate change was a big concern. Negotiations with the U.S on extending a funding arrangement beyond 2023 when the current one expires and he also mentioned the Runit Dome the Nuclear Waste Storage facility as things on his mind,” he said.

A president in the Marshall Islands is usually inaugrated within a week of being elected and once they have sorted their Cabinet.

Kenneth Kedi was re-elected as Speaker during the session.