On September 28, 2017- Mr. Beckwin Mechol Jr. visited the Embassy of Japan after successfully completing a two-week long Japanese language program in Osaka, Japan. He proudly presented his certificate of completion that he received with participants from 50 countries around the world by the Japan Foundation.


The program included lectures about the Japanese language, society and culture as well as sightseeing tours to various famous places such Osaka castle, Osaka Art museum, and cultural tours around Kyoto city. Mr. Mechol Jr. also visited Itsukushima shrine which is a world heritage site located in Miyajima Island, well known for its floating shrine and otorii or grand gate to the shrine.

The Japan Foundation organized home stay experiences for all the participants to experience Japanese family lifestyle. Mr. Mechol Jr. also had the opportunity to experience Japanese arts such as calligraphy, the art of self-defense (taekwondo), and modern Japanese art of kendo and Rakugo (traditional comic story telling) entertainment.

Mr. Mechol Jr. expressed his appreciation for the opportunity he had been given to experience and to deepen his knowledge of the Japanese language, society and culture through this program.

The Embassy of Japan is pleased to partner with Japan Foundation towards the promotion of learning the Japanese language and would like to encourage more Palauan students to study the Japanese language as well as to further their study in Japan. [/restrict]