Palau Ministry of Health and Human Services (MHHS) received a fully renovated and colorful meeting house (bai) for the patients at the Mantekang, waterfront area of the Belau National Hospital yesterday.

The facility was renovated within three weeks by the Palau Community College and turned over to the Ministry of Health.

The facility was first constructed on BNH grounds by the Governors Association under the Chairmanship of former Governor Lazarus Kodep of Melekeok State.

In 2017, it was renovated by the Ngaramecherocher, a traditional men’s group from Melekeok and in October of 2023, two eldebechel groups of Peleliu, Melaitul and Busonge (both in Koror and Peleliu), under the leadership of Peleliu Governor Emais Roberts, also former Minister of Health, funded the renovation of the bai and commissioned Palau Community College to do it.

The renovated bai was turned over during the handover ceremony to MHHS Minister Gafaar Uherbelau, with directors from the Ministry of Health, Governor Emais Roberts, Melaitul and Busonge members, and Palau Community College President Patrick Tellei.  (By: L.N. Reklai)

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