Aimeliik State with mostly unopposed hamlet candidates

Before 2023 ends, three states will hold general elections, selecting their state governors and the hamlet representatives.  Aimeliik State, Ngeremlengui State, and Melekeok State will hold their general elections with Aimeliik State elections this November 14, 2023.

Ngeremlengui will have its election on December 5th, with a deadline for nominating petitions on November 3rd.  Candidates for all positions have to file their petitions by November 3rd. The registration deadline for new voters is today, October 31, 2023.

Melekeok State’s general election is on December 12, and the nominating petition deadline is November 10.  The registration of new voters deadline expired on the 13th of October.

Unlike previous elections, the interest in running for state legislatures is waning, with fewer people filing nominating petitions.

Aimeliik State, for example, has an incumbent governor running unopposed.  Of its five hamlets, three, Imul, Elechui, and Medorm, have unopposed candidates.  Ngchemiangel Hamlet has no candidate, which has never happened since the inception of the state government 40 years ago.  Ngerkeai Hamlet is the only hamlet with two candidates running for the single legislature seat.  The number of candidates for At-Large legislature seats remains the same as last election, with seven candidates vying for four seats.

According to sources from Melekeok State, so far, only some have expressed interest in running for office. With their nomination deadline on November 10th, it remains to be seen if Melekeok will have a higher turnout of interested candidates for state legislature seats. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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