Behavioral Health Unit receiving the donation from 11th OEK Senate President Hokkons Baules.

The Division of Behavioral Health under the Republic of Palau Ministry of Health & Human Services (MHHS) would like to recognize 11th Olbiil Era Kelulau (11th OEK) Senate President Hokkons Baules for his recent donation of personal care items to the patients at the Behavioral Health Ward. The donation included shampoo, soap, and rubbing alcohol. The Behavioral Health Division and its patients greatly appreciate his generosity!
The Division of Behavioral Health is responsible for the promotion of individual and community well-being by preventing and intervening in mental health issues as well as preventing and intervening in substance abuse or other addictions. For more information about the services provided by the MHHS Division of Behavioral Health, please call BH Outpatient at (tel:) 488-1907 or 488-4572. You may also follow Project Kerreu (@projectkerreu), Palau Prevention Unit (@palaupreventionunit), and Palau Community Guidance Center (@ palaucommunityguidancecenter) on Facebook.

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