PPUC is excited to announce the recent hiring of four individuals, 3 females and 1 male, to the PPUC family. All four were placed at the Aimeliik Power Plant. Two of the females namely Amanda Yukiwo and Hope Helacio were hired as control room operators which is a significant milestone for PPUC as the operator positions have always been held by men. The other two hires are Chyra Demei, Inventory Clerk and Samuel Satosi, Tank Farm Specialist.
In line with the Corporate Gender Action Plan, PPUC has recently been more active in recruiting females to fill non-traditional roles (technical positions). The first female power plant operators is Leolory Davis who was hired in January 2019. Leolory initially joined PPUC as a tree trimmer through a temporary employment in 2018.
For more information regarding PPUC’s job opportunities, please contact HR Department at 488-8742.

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