December 8, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Ministry of Health declared an end to Dengue Fever Outbreak in Palau. Since November 10, 2017, there have not been any reported cases of dengue fever.

In November 0f 2016, there was a surge in number of dengue cases which continued to peak over the monthly threshold until October of 2017.


During this period, more than 490 people across Palau were affected by dengue fever virus including several deaths of people with pre-existing conditions.

Due to active collaboration and coordinated efforts between the Ministry of Health, State governments and the community as a whole to combat the spread of dengue virus, the cases began to fall.  In October of 2017, only 8 cases were documented.  In the beginning of November, 4 cases were seen. Since November 10 until now, there has not been any reported case of dengue.

With this declaration, Ministry of Health still urges people and communities to continue to be vigilant and keep their communities free of dengue virus.

Ministry of Health strongly recommends continued practice of 3S tips for dengue:

  • Search and eliminate mosquito breeding site in and around your home and community.
  • Self-protection measures such as wearing clothing that covers most of the body and using insect repellent.
  • Seek early consultation if you think you have been infected.

There will be continued monitoring and surveillance by the Ministry of Health of trends to ensure early detection of possible outbreaks in the future and inform the public. [/restrict]