The National Development Bank (NDBP) is looking at expanding their home loan service to more Palauans with its simplified housing loan application. [

NDBP encourages Palauans to take advantage of the bank’s housing programs with   .  three step process  that will makes it easier and more straightforward for the customer to apply for NDBP Housing Loan.


The bank said applying for home loans may be daunting but NDBP will help customers as best as they can to ensure smooth processing of the loans.

“The preliminary work needed to get the information and documents required for the loan application may seem overwhelming and will require upfront costs, but getting this work done early in the process ensures that the customer’s loan application moves along as smoothly and as quickly as possible”, according to NDBP Housing Loan Officer, Meleana Ngirmeriil.

The NDBP said there are upfront cost involving in completing the housing loan application and the bank can help the customer with these upfront costs by offering a Predevelopment loan.

Once the preliminary work/documents in step-2 have been completely satisfied and the Housing loan application is fully completed, NDBP will make the final decision on the  housing loan application.

“It is important to NDBP that our customers get an answer on their housing loan application as quickly as possible” says NDBP President Claire Harvey. “Our experience shows that the key reasons for delays in giving answers on loan applications generally fit in two areas.” (By: B. Carreon) [/restrict]