The new correctional facility is expected to open in 2023 according to Director Ishmael Aquon.

The facility which is more of a rehabilitation center will have separate facilities for women, men and juveniles.  It will also incorporate a farm  and other facilities to serve center.

Aquon reported that once the facility completes around 2022, it will take some time to transfer there, that is why they expect to open in 2023.

He also noted some challenges that need to be addressed and the biggest challenge is the manpower need.  The size of the facility requires a minimum of 15 people per shift and there are 5 shifts per day.  Other challenges that may delay the move include lack of water and power utilities to the site. 

The project was initially funded by local revenue into its second phase.   Due to COVID-19 pandemic, local revenue declined and President Whipps secured funding through Taiwan infrastructure development funds to complete the construction of the rehabilitation facility.

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