Palau’s current landfill at M-Dock. (File Photo)

The construction of the new national landfill in Aimeliik State is slated to begin in April of this year according to recent report from the Office of the President.    The project is projected to be completed by mid-2020.

The project costing $10 million dollars was awarded to Toa Corporation of Japan out of five competitive bidders at the bid opening in Tokyo, Japan this month.

Director of Bureau of Public Works Brian Melairei and Calvin Ikesiil, Chief of Division of Solid Waste Management attended the opening representing Palau.

The project is funded through a grant aid from Japan and will utilize the “semi-aerobic landfill structure (Fukuoka method) which refers to a mechanism whereby leachate (waste water) is quickly removed from waste materials, allowing the inflow of air by installing perforated collection pipes and vertical perforated gas venting pipes at the bottom of the landfill”.  This is currently utilized at the national landfill in Koror.

Director Melairei at the Belau Tourism Association meeting yesterday reported that national government will be bidding out the trash collection service to collect trash from all the residential homes in Babeldaob with exception of Koror State.  Koror State will continue to collect their own trash, sort them and recycle what they can.  What can’t be recycled or re-used, will be brought to the new landfill according to Melairei.

Furthermore, private businesses and government will be responsible to dispose their own waste and will be paying a tipping fee at the landfill.

Director Melairei also reported that after the closure of the national landfill in Koror, nat’l government will be cleaning up and closing existing landfills in other states. (L.N. Reklai)