The unofficial results of the Ngiwal State’s 18th Legislature Election saw Ilabsis Ngirakesau leading the race based on the records issued by the Palau Election Commission on August 14.

Out of the 748 registered voters, Ngirakesau garnered 182 votes and he was followed by Jeff Ngirarsaol with 177 votes, Bolton Tengoll with 164 votes, Marina Udui with 163 votes, Emilia Katosang with 159 votes, Asaria Timarong with 159 votes and Russel Masayos with 153 votes.

A total of 15 candidates vied for the posts including legislator and Speaker Cisco Melaitau who had been holding the post for a long time but did not make it to the top seven ranking. Melaitau garnered 142 votes. Only two of the incumbents, Udui and Masayos, made it to the top seven. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)