Pushes his state AO Ken Uehara to run for the post

By: L.N. Reklai

(Koror, Palau) Angaur State Governor Marvin Ngirutang withdrew his name from the upcoming race for Angaur State governor in December 2016.

Incumbent Governor Ngirutang had filed a nominating petition to run again for the office of the governor of Angaur State last month.

“I had in the beginning when I first ran for governor, promised my people to give me only 2 years or 24 months to change the course of Angaur, to establish four things that will set Angaur’s course toward a better future and then pass this to someone who has the same vision,” said Governor Ngirutang in an interview.


“I believe that I have accomplished what I said I will do.  I’ve worked to have Angaur regular transportation restored, establish good governance in the government, start the ground work for the development that Angaur needs to become economically strong such as develop tourism sites, establish ground work for Angaur agricultural development, fisheries and so on,” asserted Ngirutang.

“Through all these, I’ve been working with and relying on our State administrative officer Ken Uehara for advise and help on getting all these done and I believe he is the right person now to take our State to the next level,” he added.

When asked why he filed earlier with Election Commission to run, Ngirutang answered that he did so at the urgings of the chiefs of Angaur and also because Uehara was off-island in Alaska and could not be reached and he was worried he may miss the filing date.

“That’s why I filed but when Ken returned and we spoke, he agreed that he will run and therefore, I was happy to withdraw my name.  I will run though as write in for our State legislature,” Ngirutang stated.

“I want to introduce bills that will help support the development goals of Angaur State.  Our legislature this term had only passed one new law on the Protected Area, all other bills are just budget bills,” he said.

Angaur Governor Marvin Ngirutang comes from a diplomatic training background and has been a governor of Angaur for almost two years.

The other two contenders for the Office of the governor of Angaur State beside Ken Uehara are Warren Fukuichi and Kenoske Suzuki. [/restrict]