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The office of the Ombudsman which was established by an executive order in 2017 now remains vacant.

Earlier the Office of Ombudsman was held by Mr. Llecholch, however since last year the office remains vacant as he now longer serves as Ombudsman.

The press secretary Olkerill Kazuo said, “The Bureau of Public Service will be re-announcing the Ombudsman Vacancy as recruitment of an Ombudsman has been difficult due to a lack of interested applicants, we at the Office of the President hope that media attention will help encourage applicants for this important public service post.”

The Office of Ombudsman was established within the Office of the President in order to provide an accessible, transparent, fair and effective grievance mechanism to address any potential harm that may be caused by government projects, services, activities and government officials.

The powers bestowed on the Office of Ombudsman also includes investigation of any administrative act of a government agency where he/she can enter any Executive Branch Ministry without prior notice to do so. Although, this does not include inspecting confidential documents

Currently, the Chief of Staff of the President oversees the office, however there are no details of the work done by the Ombudsman office since 2017 provided. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)