Vice President Raynold Oilouch yesterday confirmed that the United States government has sent a diplomatic note to officially notify the Palau government that the process of the installation of air and maritime radar system will begin.


Oilouch told reporters yesterday that the Palau government has received the diplomatic note, the content however of the note was not made available.

Under the Compact terms, the US will make available lands  in Palau as site for the air and marine radars.

Fifty-five acres of land in Ngaraard State and another 65 acres in Angaur have been identified for air towers,  1,000 square meters for marine towers.

The radar systems will provide Palau enhanced maritime law enforcement capability in its territorial waters and exclusive economic zone while also providing the United States with greater air domain awareness for aviation safety and security,” said a joint statement from the Office of the President of Palau and the U.S. Embassy in Koror earlier.

Oilouch said further discussion on the issue is expected to be on the discussion table during the Joint Committee Meeting with United States officials in Hawaii next week.

He however said stated in his previous discussions that the landowners have agreed to lease the lands that were designated for the radars.

Palau and United States representatives will meet in Hawaii on October 26 for the  annual JCM . [/restrict]