Over 1,600 athletes from the 16 States of Palau will compete in 100 events in 16 different sports.  This year, not all of the athletes playing are Palauans.  117 out of 1,568 athletes are from 21 countries playing for different states. 

Belau Games 2023 commences this Friday, July 30th, with the opening ceremony at the Palau Track & Field at 4:30 pm.

All sixteen (16) states have athletes in various sporting events.  Koror State has the most athletes, with 235 signed up, followed by Peleliu with 197, Airai with 182, Sonsorol with 147, and Ngarchelong with 122.  The State with the least number of athletes is Aimeliik, with 12 athletes. 

Due to so many team sports and many registered teams, Basketball games started last Friday, June 23rd, at the Palau High School Gym, with the first games between Ngatpang and Ngiwal Men and Ngaraard vs. Hatohobei Women.

Baseball teams started on June 26th, and Softball fastpitch on the 29th.

The general public is invited to the Opening Ceremony and the game events.

The schedule and the results of the 14th Belau Games can be seen daily online at http://www.palaunoc.sportingpulse.net/.  (By: L.N. Reklai)

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