Ngarachamayong Cultural Center was packed on Saturday night for YouTube sensation Mikey Bustos.

Funnyman Bustos did not disappoint and gave the Palauans and Filipinos alike a good laugh.


Bustos in his Instagram post was surprised with the audience response to his performance- both in terms of ticket sales and volume in the Cultural Center.

“ I was told that it was the biggest indoor event the island has ever had! I never realized my channel had so many Palauan viewers (because the island shares the videos offline so I don’t see Palau in our youtube analytics)! But hands down Palau, you were one of the best, most gracious audiences I have EVER performed for! You showed so much love, knew all the lyrics (better than I did), and danced and shouted from start to end! I felt honoured to perform for Palau! My heart is so full! Sulang,” Bustos said.

Bustos is known from his parody of Luis Fonsi’s international hit “Despacito”  His version, I Wear Speedos  had more than 27 million  views on Facebook and almost 4 million views on his YouTube channel.

To the Palau audience delight, the “I wear Speedos” performance wearing his speedos,   was the most cheered.

Bustos also entertained the audience with his powerful singing voice.

Bustos was invited to Palau by a Filipino living in Palau, Evaruth Blesam who met him in Guam.  Bustos said he immediately obliged to the invitation as he has heard good things about Palau.

In 2003, Bustos was one of the finalist for “Canadian Idol” season one and continued on with his career as a singer until he turned into YouTube in 2011.

He started with uploading videos of parodies based on his Filipino background and his “Filipino tutorials” using a thick Filipino accented English had gone viral.

Bustos then moved to the Philippines six years ago to continue his career as a comedian and creating parodies. (B. Carreon) [/restrict]