We are proud to annouce that the PAWS Spay and Neuter Clinic is coming to Ngarchelong State!  

March 01 – March 04, 2022 (this Tue.-Fri.), we will be at the current Ngarchelong State Office, across Badrulchau (Stone Monoliths).  We will be providing FREE health heck-ups for your pets.  All spay and neuters will only be $5 for each pet. We will also have available flea and tick medicine and dewormer.

“Spay” means the sterilizing a girl animal by removing the ovaries while “Neuter” is sterilizing a male animal by removing the testicles.  Spaying and neutering helps animals by keeping them from getting urinary tract infections (UTI), mammary tumors and many other diseases.  Spaying and Neutering your animals gives them a longer and healthier life.

So come and check it out. It will be a PAWSome time!

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