The Bureau of Tourism (BOT) in partnership with Palau Pledge has developed the Palau Business Pledge as the official sustainable business certification program of the Republic of Palau. The goal of the certification program is to assist certified businesses in the tourism sector to become primary drivers of sustainability in Palau.

The Palau Business Pledge is grounded in the philosophy and practice of the Palau Pledge which all visitors take upon entering Palau. It creates ways for businesses to adhere to the Palau Pledge and internally implement structures and practices toward the preservation of Palauan environment and culture. Businesses that have signed the Palau Business Pledge commit themselves to promote sustainability in Palau on an ongoing basis.

The Palau Business Pledge educates visitors about relevant environmental policies in Palau, as well as respectful and environmentally responsible behavior during their visit by providing educational materials as part of a sustainable tourism experience. The Palau Business Pledge also engages the community through a nationwide annual environmental campaign supported by certified businesses. This gives certified businesses the opportunity to contribute positively to the community and lead by example as they become more sustainable and encourage action around a new environmental issue every year.

Currently, more than thirty businesses in Palau have signed up to become Palau Business Pledge certified. These businesses will begin the certification process by practicing proper workplace waste segregation techniques in their first year.

As we move toward a more sustainable future for Palau, the Palau Pledge team would like to congratulate the following local businesses for joining the movement on sustainability:

Rock Island Cafe Executive

Hotel Executive Lounge

Shimizu Mart

Sidestreet Cafe

Penthouse Hotel

Penthouse Restaurant

Island Leaf

U Rent

Quilla Dress Shop

G&C Underground Cleaning Services

G&C Underground Landscaping Services

G&C Underground Construction

OBR Boat Rental Services

Pacifikamed Pharmacy
Palau Pacific Resort

Drop Off

Neco Marine

Best Coffee & Donut House Save More Store

JKW Law Office Carp Restaurant

Carp Island Resort

Carp Palau Dive Center

Longshoremen Inn

Belau Transfer

Sam’s Tours

Palau Central Hotel

KBC Store

The Palau Pledge team welcomes all businesses in the tourism sector to join the Palau Business Pledge Certification Program by contacting us at 488-6887, or follow our socials and send us a direct message @palaupledge on all social media platforms. Become a sustainable business by being proactive today!

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