photo courtesy of Heather Ketebengang

To mark its 25th Anniversary, Palau Conservation Society in collaboration with Ngirameketii and Rubekul a Choll hamlet of Ngaraard State, conducted a beach cleanup at Choll on Friday November 22nd.

The event not only marked their 25 years of establishment but also gave them an opportunity to give back to the community as well as raise awareness on plastic pollution. The event drew over a 100 people.

The clean-up started at 9am with briefing on impact of plastic on environment followed by clean up teams covering three different areas of the beach, the north, the south and the Remachel area.

Many agencies and groups provided assistance and support of the event including Ngaraard State Government, Ngaraard PAN, Ngaraard Elementary School, Ngarchelong Elementary School, Koror State Government Solid Waste Management, Ministry of Education, Trash Auditors and Palau Tourism and Hospitality School of Excellence of Palau Community College.

The trash collected was segregated and weighed by the staff of KSGSWM when all was completed.

Palau Conservation Society expressed its appreciation to various agencies and volunteers that made the event quite successful. (Telbakes Yano)