Three groups of Palau High School (PHS) students who took up World History had an opportunity to visit Peleliu.

The field trips took place in the month of March and in the month of April. Tangerkoi Hesus of Peleliu State Government was the tour guide for the trips.

Hesus is known for his knowledge on the Battle of Peleliu.  The students visited places where actual WWII events took place.

Some of the WWII sites explored were Bloody Nose Ridge, Orange & White Beach, and Peleliu World War II Memorial Museum.

The field trip concluded with lunch and swim at Ngermelt. About 25% of students in all three groups were first time Beliliou visitors.  The students returned to Koror being informed about the sacrifice the people made during the battle.

PHS principal Smyth Rdang expresses appreciation to Governor Temmy L. Shmull and Hesus along with principal Ngereblunt Arurang and Clark Rechebong of Peleliu Elementary School for support provided in making trips possible.  (PR)