On early Saturday morning June 11th, Palau Team 22 all 70plus athletes and officials arrived in Saipan a week before the opening ceremony on June 17th. The athletes and teams are well rested and immediately started practices and visiting venues before the opening ceremony on June 17th. Palau Team 22 is the first Team to arrive in Saipan. The Teams are at the Games Village at the Grandvrio Resort Hotel and all amenities are provided to the team. Che De Mission Alonz Moses, all the coaches, Team Officials and medical Team are all in Saipan. The following are the Officials and Athletes comprising of the Palau Team 22 to Mini Games in CNMI.

Alonz Moses, Chef de Mission, Frank Kyota, President, Marcy Andrew, General Team Manager, Baklai Temengil, Secretary General, Stephanie Ngirchoimei, AL Officer/Safeguard Officer, Isabel Goodall, Team Support staff/media, MEDICAL TEAM Dr. Tzun Raphael, Jason Nolan, Radley Kazuma, Team Support staff, Kenny Reklai, Coordinator for Team Travel Plans SPORTS TEAM COACHES Athletics Charlie Elis, Coach and Asst coach. Francis Tkel, Baseball Mlib Tmetuchl, Coach and Burton Wong, Asst Coach, Beach Volleyball Saki Naivana, Coach and Marvin Wasisang, Asst. Coach, Golf Roland Tangelbad, Coach, Triathlon Pasquana Flowers, Coach and William Tejada, Jr., Asst. Coach, Va’a Canoe Tino Faatuuala, Coach, Weightlifting Stevick Patris, Coach and Roxanne-Mae Canete Weightlifting Team Official

Team Palau 22 Athletes are:  Athletics Team: Garsten Gibbons, T.J. Singichi, Francis Tkel, Ignacio Blaluk, Jerry Ngiraremiang. Baseball Team: Reese V. Ramarui, Mesikd Elbuchel, O’neill Yobech, Ray Rumong, Jeremy Guillermin, O’Leary W. Ise, Ashton Kinto, Ibakes Helacio, Kerai Blanc, Pipen Teiich Mitsur, Moi Ito, John Paul Ililau, Dusty S. Etpison, Raynold B. Sadang, Malsol Ngiraswei, Jared Emul Yada, Zhan Yosi Tmodrang, Spis Yamaguchim Arbey Yamato Towai, Enston Florencio. Beach Volleyball Team: Kristen Sugiyama, Mitoko Charles, Texxon Taro, and Zachariah Charles. Canoe/Va’a Team: River Thomas            Athlete, Mariah Okada, Elsei Tellei, Nihla Reddin, Elilai Sugiyama, Pkngey Otobed, Uroi Salii, Lahaina Mamis, Javits Kiep, Macstyl Sasao and Porse Greps. Golf Team: Roland Merar , Jesse Stole and Cameron Nicholas. Triathlon Team: Galyah Mikel, Macstyle Sasao and T.J. Singichi. Weightlifting Team: Blaine Patris, Stevick Patris, Benedict Kintaro, Junior Sumor and Xyrus Salii-Debold. Palau Team 22 is seventy-five pax to the Games.

Upon their arrival in Saipan, the Palau Community Club in Saipan also met with Team Officials and donated $2,900.00 to help with costs of food for the first three days of arrival of the Team to Saipan. The Games Organizing Committee allowed the Palau Team 22 to stay at the game’s village few days before the official open of the village, however, food will not be provided by the Games organizing committee until the 13th of June. Palau Team 22 extends appreciation to Palau Community Club in Saipan for their donation and support to Team 22. The Palau Community Club presented the donation to Marcy Andrew who received the donation on behalf of Palau Team 22 from officers of the club, Mr. Clinton Ngiraked, President of the Palau Community Club, Clari Besong, Treasurer and Ian Otobed, Ngatpang Saipan Club President, Riva Fritz, Ngeremlengui Saipan Club President.

As part of Games motto of Rising up to the Challenge, Palau Team 22 raised to date about $46,000.00 dollars, plus the vehicle for raffle drawing. The Raffle Drawing for the vehicle will be scheduled and announced to public after Team 22 return to Palau on 26th of June. For more information and schedule of the games please go to the Games Website at https://northernmarianas2022.com.

Team 22 expresses great appreciation to families, parents, friends, sponsors, donors, fans of the athletes and teams for your generous support, your commitment and passion to support our Palau Team 22! It is you that makes it all possible. Thank you and please follow the Team on the Games YouTube channel and website!

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