Palau Visitors Authority has reached out to Chairman of the Governors’ Association TemmyShmull for project opportunities for employees under the CROSS Act.
In the letter, the Palau Visitors Authority encouraged Chairman TemmyShmull to take the opportunity to make overdue improvements on each of the states.
So far there are over a 100 employees under the CROSS Act and they consist of workers in the tourism industry that have been laid off.
In the letter, it further stated that since there are over a 100 employees, no project is too big from a “manpower perspective”. Projects could be construction of new hiking/walking trails, clearing of old or overgrowns at the hiking trail, rehabilitation of cultural or historical sites, development of parks and tourist areas, beach or road clean-up’s, and painting/community beautification.
“We want laid-off workers to be out improving Palau and its communities.” The letter stated. It also went on to say that “Improvements to the beauty of our island communities, and to the availability of quality tourism and recreational facilities, will help Palau rebound from COVID-19.”
Re-employment program under the CROSS ACT provides temporary employment of laid off private sector employees with government or government related agencies. National government pays each temporary employee a minimum wage salary without deductions. National government pays the employee’s share of income tax, social security contribution and health insurance premium for each employee at no cost to the hiring agency.
Palau Visitors Authority hopes to receive proposals from the Governor’s Association and Managing Director KadoiRuluked can be reached at 488-1930 or 2793 for more information.

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