Koror, Palau–Palau Conservation Society (PCS) continues its strong commitment for education and youth development. On July 10, PCS welcomed Mr. Dillon Meriang as their newest college intern. Mr. Meriang is currently studying in Taiwan majoring in International Business and Trade at Ming Chuan University. Graduating next year, Mr. Meriang’s internship was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Palau National Scholarship Board (PNSB) and PCS.


The internship program entails Mr. Meriang to work with the different programs within PCS where he will absorb ample knowledge about conservation and the daily operations of PCS as a non-profit organization from the staff. For the duration of his internship, he will mostly focus his efforts on fundraising, marketing research, social media exposure, and assist in education outreach.

One of the major responsibility of Mr. Meriang as PCS intern is to draft a proposal on PCS branding and media exposure strategies that can be utilized after he leaves. When asked why he chose to intern at PCS, Mr. Meriang said, “I have always admired the work PCS has done for the community over the years. I have always wanted to help but I never thought my major would tie in with conservation. However, over the past few days I have learned that PCS is so much more than a conservation office–it is a vital organization for the future sustainability of our livelihood. I believe PCS is a good place for me to start learning the necessary skills I need to be successful in the future. I look forward to learning from PCS and all its staff and hope to make a positive contribution during my internship.”

PCS is thankful for the partnership with PNSB and are looking forward to mentoring Mr. Meriang to be successful in his educational career so he may return one day and make a meaningful contribution to Palau.

PCS’ internship programs are in line with the organization’s efforts to preserve Palau’s natural heritage for present and future generations. For more information, please contact 488-3993. [/restrict]