On May 15, 2020, Ms. Jenna Mersai, Accounting Officer at Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC), graduated as a member of the Beta Omicron Zeta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society from Palau Community College (PCC) with an Associate Degree in Business Accounting.

Ms. Mersai has been working at PICRC’s Administration Department for the past 6 years, after returning from the United States where she served in the army. She started working as a Sales Clerk, then Accounting Clerk and recently, she became PICRC’s Accounting Officer. Jenna enrolled at PCC 4 years ago where she deepened her understanding of basic accounting theories, concepts on human management, economics and financial management. Ms. Mersai’s new skills will help improve efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace.

“Jenna is one of several employees that are currently pursuing higher education at PICRC,” stated PICRC CEO, Yimnang Golbuu, “We are proud to support motivated and productive employees and we applaud Jenna for graduating with honors, while remaining a full-time employee and a full-time mother,” he added.

“I want to thank everyone who has supported me along this journey, in particular, PICRC for giving me this opportunity, and my family, for always being there for me” stated Ms. Mersai, “I seek to be a source of inspiration for my kids and encourage others to pursue higher education,” she added.