By: L.N. Reklai

August 19, 2016 (Koror) “We have been planning for some time now to construct an oncology unit here at the Ministry of Health.  Due to limited space, we were unable to commence earlier but since OEK gave us $25K to relocate the Maintenance shop, we now can move other services around and make space for the Oncology Unit,” stated Minister Greg Ngirmang of the Ministry of Health.


Superintendent Dr. Ho of the Shin Kong Wu-Su Memorial Hospital pledged to have his people immediately study and help Palau design its Oncology Unit.

“Cancer patients cannot just receive treatment one time.  Sometimes it takes a while and further treatments and not only is it costly to have it done overseas but it also separates people from the support of their loved ones, which is a key factor to cancer patients,” added Ngirmang.

According to Minister of Health, patients can receive their first treatment in Taiwan and then follow ups in Palau.  The doctors here will be trained to administer treatments recommended by the doctors in Taiwan and the doctors can just monitor their patients here.

The proposed site for the Oncology Unit is the current PT room at the Ministry of Health. The design and planning is already underway according to Minister Greg Ngirmang.[/restrict]