The Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) gave another free mobile data on April 26 to all PalauCel subscribers who had been affected in the previous service instabilities.

All active PalauCel mobile numbers received free 1GB mobile data, that was automatically activated at noon of the said date and will be valid for the next 8 days or adds 8 days to plan.

To be able to use the free data, customers can just simply turn on mobile data in their smartphones.

For help with using mobile data, customers may call PNCC at 488-9000, 488-9600, or 587-9000, or visit PNCC offices in Koror and Airai.  The mobile data instructions are also posted on DTV Channel 1 and on the back of Airtime cards.

For customers with PalauNet and HomeNet accounts, PNCC will make adjustments on their bills for the outage period.

Customers with Prepaid Internet Cards that were affected during this period are requested to bring their internet card to PNCC Customer Service in Koror or Airai to make a trouble report to request credit.

Network upgrade projects are progressing to fully restore these services and migrate them to a new, better performing platform.  Please see PNCC DTV Channel 1 for updates twice a day, morning and evening.(PR)